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MCQ Questions S Block Elements Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 10

MCQ Quiz s-Block Elements Chemistry Class 11 MCQ Questions for NEET | School Exams | Class 11

Prepare these important MCQ Questions of s-Block Elements, These are Latest questions to expect in Jee | NEET | School Exams.


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1. MgCl₂.6H₂O on strong heating gives:

1. [Mg(OH)₆]Cl₂

2. MgO

3. Mg(OH)₂

4. MgCl₂ anhydrous

2. With respect to abundance in earth crust rank of magnesium and calcium are respectively

a. 6,5

b. 5,6

c. 4,6

d. 8,10

3. Choose the incorrect statement:

1. Monovalent ions of alkali metals are never found in free state in nature.

2. Alkali metals and their salts impart characteristic colour to oxidizing flame.

3. Water of crystallisation in Lithium chloride are 3.

4. Alkali metal have largest size in a particular period.

4. White metal is alloy of:

1. Na and Pb

2. Li and Na

3. Li and Pb

4. Mg and Pb

5. Alloy used to make anti knock additive is:

1. Li/Pb

2. Na/Pb

3. Mg/Pb

4. Ba/Pb

6. Choose the incorrect statement:

1. Alkali metals form salts with all oxoacids.

2. The superoxide ion is stable only in presence of large cations.

3. Silver (Ag) is better reducing agent than iodide ion (I⁻).

4. In most cases hydrogencarbonates are highly stable to heat.

7. Identify the correct statement with respect to lithium.

1. It forms ethynide on reaction with ethyne.

2. It is most reactive among all alkali metals.

3. It is strongest reducing agent.

4. Its hydride is covalent in nature.

8. Both Mg and Li are:

1. Harder and lighter than other elements in respective groups.

2. Softer and lighter than other elements in respective groups.

3. Harder and heavier than other elements in respective groups.

4. Softer and dense than other elements in respective groups.

9. How many of the following sodium compounds are used in textile industry?

NaCl, NaOH, Na₂CO₃, NaHCO₃

a. 4

b. 1

c. 2

d. 3

10. Compound of sodium used for mercerizing of cotton fabrics and for preparation of pure fat and oils.

1. NaCl

2. Na₂CO₃

3. NaHCO₃

4. NaOH

11. Mark the correct order of amount of elements found in human body.

1. Ca>Na>Mg>Cu>Fe

2. Ca>Mg>Na>Cu>Fe

3. Ca>Na>Mg>Fe>Cu

4. Ca>Na>Fe>Mg>Cu

12. Choose the incorrect statement:

1. Sodium hydroxide reacts with CO₂ in the atmosphere to form Na₂CO₃.

2. Calcium and magnesium chloride are more soluble than NaCl.

3. Washing soda turns to soda ash by heating at 373K.

4. Beryllium and magnesium appear to be somewhat greyish.

13. Odd one out with respect to rock salt structure.

1. MgO

2. BaO

3. CaO

4. BeO

14. Element used for making windows of X-ray tubes.

1. Be

2. Ba

3. Ca

4. Mg

15. Select the incorrect match with respect to elements and their uses.

1. Ra – Radiotherapy

2. Be – Remove air from vaccum tubes

3. Ca – Extraction of metals

4. Mg – Incendiary bombs

16. Correct order of solubility of nitrates.

1. Be(NO₃)₂>Mg(NO₃)₂>Ca(NO₃)₂>Sr(NO₃)₂

2. Be(NO₃)₂<Mg(NO₃)₂<Ca(NO₃)₂<Sr(NO₃)₂

3. Be(NO₃)₂<Mg(NO₃)₂>Ca(NO₃)₂<Sr(NO<₃)₂

4. Be(NO₃)₂>Mg(NO₃)₂>Ca(NO₃)₂<Sr(NO₃)₂

17.Compound of alkaline earth metal that is/are stable to heat.

1. Nitrates

2. Sulphates

3. Carbonates

4. All of these

18. From solution of which metal in ammonia, [M(NH₃)₆]⁺² can be recovered.

1. Na 

2. Be

3. Mg

4. Li

19. Sodium hydrogencarbonate and calcium hydroxide are respectively:

1. Disinfectant, Antiseptic

2. Both Disinfectant

3. Antiseptic, Disinfectant

4. Both Antiseptic

20. Choose the correct statement:

A. Sodium-potassium pump consumes more than one third of the ATP used by resting animal.
B. CaCO₃ is extensively used in manufacture of high quality paper.

1. Both A and B are incorrect

2. Both A and B are correct

3. Only A is correct

4. Only B is correct

21. Which of the following is cheapest form of alkali?

1. CaO

2. BaO

3. NaOH

4. CaCO₃

22. Choose the correct one:

1. NaOH>NaCl (melting point).

2. E⁰ for M²⁺ + 2e-→M(s) for Ca, Sr, Ba is nearly constant.

3. Potassium found to be more useful than sodium.

4. LiCl is insoluble in water but soluble in acetone.

23. State true or false.

A. Fire caused by saline hydride can be extinguished by CO₂.
B. Calcium hydroxide is used for purification of sugar.
C. CaO on exposure to atmosphere absorbs CO₂ and moisture.

1. T, F, T

2. F, F, T

3. F, T, T

4. F, F, F

24. Beryllium chloride has which hybridization at 1200K?

1. sp²

2. sp

3. sp³

4. Unhybridized

25. Upto what extent bone is solubilied and redeposited daily?

1. 30 mg

2. 400 mg

3. 40 gm

4. 800 gm

26. Portland cement has which of the following ingredients as major component?

1. Gypsum

2. Tricalcium silicate

3. Dicalcium silicate

4. Tricalcium aluminate

27. Which element’s oxide is not used in cement preparation?

1. Sulphur

2. Iron

3. Magnesium

4. Copper

28. The atomic size of Potassium is bigger than that of

1. Barium

2. Calcium

3. Strontium

4. All of these

29. Which element’s hydride is synthesised above 1000K temperature?

1. Cs

2. Li

3. Na

4. K