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Are you confused about preparing for exams like NEET, JEE, KVPY, and INBO? We have got you covered, with blogs that have advice from students who have excelled in these exams.

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8 min read
Priyanshu Jaseja

I am Priyanshu Jaseja and I secured AIR 29 in KVPY SX 2020, here鈥檚 how you can prepare for KVPY SX exam. Firstly its important to know that KVPY is not book specific exam it requires broad knowledge over all science subjects. Most important point is that in this exam we are required to view the question in the scientific, more intuitive manner as compared to questions provided in NEET and JEE mains exam.

3 min read
Meghan HK

The National Eligibility cum Entrance test started days earlier than September 12 2021 . Having a grand start to my preparation journey and a hardworking middle ground, lockdown and emotional breakdown suffering from covid, beating anxiety of all levels and entering the dooms day I had already made all possible mistakes and NEET was a place to deal with all those failures and emotions and improve upon them.