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About TalentBrick

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We are a non-profit organisation focussing solely on user’s privacy. We have only two rules:

  1. Quality educational content for free
  2. In case of any doubt, refer to rule 1

What guides us is the vision of our founders, which is a student centred approach including guidance not only on subject related matter but also peripheral discussion on pre exam and in exam methodology, thus maximizing growth and development and thereby, RESULT.

In this era of IT, information is what precisely keeps the world about and going. So on one hand, where all websites collect your data (and then subsequently sell it for a price), WE DON'T.

Additionally our source code is fully open-source, because as already mentioned, your privacy matters.

We respect our writers and proper credit is given to whoever contributes on our forum. Even you can also provide us content by going to our upload page. Not only this, you may also support us by going to our respective github/gitlab page. We use Docusaurus aka React Ui Generator. If you know how to code, you are more than welcome to go ahead and change how we look :)

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If you totally loved the concept and want to contribute monetarily, totally go ahead here.
Even donations amounting to a cup of coffee go a long way in helping us uphold our values. Good Luck and may the odds ever be in your favour.